Another planet

I was on another planet,
It was like Heaven.
But I was in Hell,
burning everyday there.
I didn’t want to walk away,
cause it felt so strange.

I was mysterious, but that
planet knew me so well.
She could catch my every thought,
without asking me anything.
I believed that I belong there,
I never wanted to walk away.

But that planet was so empathetic,
and I was so empty and lost,
I never deserved to be there.
But I loved that place,
that place took my breath away.
That planet makes me feel peaceful.
It’s not like here, it’s not like in Hell.
It’s something like love, something strange.

And one day, I wasn’t there.
I lost my purpose, I lost my way.
I came back here,
where I didn’t want to exist.
And then you should’ve realized that,
another planet was,
was someone I’ve lost, forever.

Autor: Tamara Stamenković

Web novinar / Bloger

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