Sex & making love

1. What is sex to you?
Is it that emotion you feel while somebody touches your body? Or it’s just a word to describe two wild animals fixing each other’s heart, while it hurts so much. Craving for the worst naked thing to happen, craving for fixing of heart, and cleaning of soul. But that’s never going to happen… Sex is the Devil of loveIt’s a bad picture of love, the worst one. The one you can’t control. The one that controls you. It makes you feel freezing… worthless.

2. And what is making love?
Is it those butterflies in your stomach while somebody kisses your neck? Or it’s special feeling when you look somebody right in the eyes and you feel like there’s nothing else around you? All that untainted emotions in one bed, with two bodies and two hearts beating like one. Making love is an Angel of loveIt’s everything that you want to do and everything you need. Making love connects two human beings to be what they are, without changing. It makes you feel unlimited, it makes you feel… loved.

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