A little death

You could kill me with that delightful look you got.
Give me a luscious kiss and make me cherished.
Let me burn your body with fire from my mouth.
Let that flame burn us till our little death.

I can be your demon if you want to be my angel.
I can incapacitate your wings with my unwavering hug,
and you can make me susceptible,
make me wanting more than one part of you.

I don’t need you to be piece of my life,
I want you to be my deadly piece.
The one who can kill me and make me alive.
The one who I can play with all the time.

So be my little death, and I’ll be your hell.
Not wicked one you will burn into like everyone else,
but the gentle one who will burn your enthrall heart
and make you feel satisfied for being here.

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