Infinitely love

What it takes to love someone infinitely?
Is that even possible?
Does infinity really exist?
Does infinity have something familiar with the universe?

I can simply say “I love you”.
But what if I say “I love you infinitely”?
Does that mean that you are the center of this earth for me?
Does that mean that all those planets in the universe and all
those people in this world are nothing compared to you?
How to understand a man who fell in love after one eye contact?
You can’t understand him until you experienced that eye contact. There’s something so similar between the eyes and all those planets in the universe miles above us. Don’t be afraid of looking people in the eyes. Because all you can see is the truth and what they really are. You can see all emotions, all fears, all secrets and feelings. If you’re looking deeper and deeper, you can see all those colors, you can see the whole universe in somebody’s eyes. And that’s all that matters. So, let me love you infinitely, I swear, I really can. I can show you the theory of everything. I can make you love like you never loved before. Because I’m connected with this world, this universe, the moon, and all of the stars. And you could learn how to get connected, with me. Cause I’m just a human being who fell in love with every inch of your compassionate personality. I fell in love with every reason of your existence. I hope that you are now able to see how we are connected with everything around us. You would’ve never existed, and I would’ve never loved you. But love is everything. Love is the only courageous source for people to believe and feel. So I can easily say I found everything I was searching for. And as I’m saying everything, I really mean it.
It’s exactly as I say “I love you, infinitely.

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