Obsessive love

So how could I explain this feeling?
It’s more than love.
It’s more than craving.
It’s more than possibility.
It’s more than desire.
It’s obsession.
Obsessive love and messed up feelings.

Let me try to explain myself to you…

When I touch you, it makes me trembling.
I feel like I’ve lost myself, existentially.
Your lips on mine makes me feel like I’m flying
across the universe, aimlessly.

You make me want you all over again,
without stopping myself.
I can barely hold your hand,
without shuddering.
I can’t look at you,
without desiring you.

And I want you to be only mine.
Whatever you do, stay mine.
Wherever you go, stay with me.
Whenever you want me, come to me.
You don’t need time for anything else,
while you have me, out of control, for you.
It’s just me and you and our obsessive love.

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