I raped her,
cause I couldn’t keep
myself away from her.
That was the dirtiest deed
I have ever done.
I took her body when
she didn’t want that,
but I wanted her
and that was all that mattered.
I abducted her soul
and I striked her chapped lips.
You were raging and
begging me to stop.
I seizured your deep feelings
for me and
I raped your heartbeat
until you fell off the bed
and until I became
your biggest indignity.
I kidnapped her,
the whole her.
Her, when she’s not mine,
what she becomes
because of me,
I abducted her love
and raped her.
She became numb
and insensitive.
My devil side wanted
to show her everything,
how can I humiliate her.
I raped her soul and
I fucked her body.
She didn’t mind,
she was already dead inside.

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