The Red room

I have a secret I call “red room”,
it’s my specific synonym for inflamed feeling I got.
Living in that secret is acute and agonizing,
tight and stinging, but I used to it.
Some of them were there and ran away the same day.
They couldn’t face my tender touch
and sharpness of words I use while I’m in there.

Red toxic blood mixed with ragging feeling and itchy skin.
Gnawing in my red room is what attracts me most.
And every time you touch me, I feel like my skin is chapped.
You’re pushing hard my wounds outside me,
and I feel like I’m bleeding inside.
My skin is already shattered and cold enough from years ago
and my muscles are stiff, really hard to move and feel physical pain.

I often feel thumping headache when I think about it,
think about all those secrets I’m hiding,
but desire for someone to come in… I may invite you in,
but I don’t think you can handle my devilish thoughts.
I’m hiding in the shadow, waiting for you to come in.

I can’t promise you anything,
but you’ll feel some things you never did before.
I can make you so mine that you’ll be consumed
by my own blood and you’ll be flowing in my veins
like the adrenaline flows when I think of all
the ways you can make my insides scream.

I may do that, you may be invited and see all the
mysteries of „the red room“ breathing and waiting to grab you.
And the most terrifying thing is that maybe
you’ll not be ready to survive it, fifty shades of my heart.

Inspired by trilogy of Fifty Shades (novel series)

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