You don’t own me

You don’t own my stained hands,
you don’t own my dirty mind.
You don’t own my filthy soul
and you’ll never own my dark heart.

You can’t have my gentle touch,
I won’t give you my lonely embrace.
I’ll stay away from you, cause that’s
all I have to do, to not be hurt by you.

I won’t throw myself into you,
and I won’t expect love from you,
cause your love is unfulfilled as mine.
We’re free, but with necessity
to belong to someone.

You don’t own my manipulative look,
you can’t wield my eyes just for you.
You don’t own my torn white skin
and you can’t have my body just for you.

I don’t want to blame you cause
I lost my trust in everyone,
I don’t want to be own by someone,
especially not from someone like you,
someone who’s followed
by the same curse as I am.

You can’t have my shattered pieces
of the shadows of my soul,
and you certainly can’t have me
as unreservedly and utterly,
cause you want to possess me,
but I’m not born to be possessed.

You don’t own me,
so please don’t try to change me.
You don’t own me,
so please don’t try to fit me.
You don’t own me,
so please don’t pretend like you do.

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