I raped her, so rigid.
I abused her body
and I fucked her feeling.
So rough, so intense.
She screamed,
she squeezed.
I laughed, so loud.
She tried to kill her pain,
but she couldn‘t stop me.
I craved for her,
like no one before did.
So I had to do that.
I had to rape her.
I needed her,
I needed her blood.
I never wanted to destroy her,
all I ever wanted is her heart.
I left her nothing, just myself.
But I never raped her body, no.
I raped her essence.
I took her feelings,
she became numb,
she became mine.
She buried me in her heart,
to be reminded of someone.
Someone who loved her,
someone who killed her.
But I wanted the same thing.
I wanted her to rape me.
I wanted her to press all
the scars I have on my skin.
I wanted to feel pain I gave her.
But she couldn‘t do that,
she suffered thinking about
how my body bleeds
when she touches me.
We became numb,
we raised from hell
back to hell, all over again.
So yes, I raped her.
I abducted her mind,
and I gave her heartgasm.
I never wanted to hurt her,
I just wanted to…

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