• Poetry

    You cannot lose something you never owned

    House without visitors, life without notice, invisible among delusions and slaps, silently sobs behind its walls, even though they crush and suffocate me. Bottle floating in muddy water, without a letter, without a signature, there’s no one to receive it. That house is a skeleton, that house is me. Even the skeleton has a soul. For some of us, if we’re lucky, we will never run out of sunny days without worry in a house full of laughter. For others, life is a puzzle of incomplete moments, too much of them spent, unnoticed and forgotten, behind the non-talking structures, because words are too difficult to pronounce. Am I selfish for…

  • Poetry

    I believe I can from scratch tailor my beginning

    I give reality a chance, but I don’t blindly go to its chambers, I don’t fall easily to every noise like when I was a kid. I surrender to the world who spreads its arms to hug me or crush me, I’m taking a risk. I only squat to peek through the cut in my right palm, to remind me how I was bleeding to protect what was mine. And I remember forgetting, because it’s easier to press your eyelids with your thumbs but to let the pain pour out and sink you. But I give these walls a chance which diminish me as soon as I speak out loud…

  • Prose

    If you sell your soul, you will become a wine on Devil’s lips

    They say, if you sell your soul, you will become a wine on Devil’s lips, bitter, but sweet, toxic, thick. They say, if you make that pact at the intersection, at midnight on Friday, with the shadow of a bloody hole, you’ll be gifted, damned, I don’t know. Transparency runs from the bite on my neck from the pearly canines, and I, in turn, slide down his cut wrist. We cut each other to fit again into the form of two lovers sharing one heart. My darkness and I are entangled in a quadrangular black hole, pumping blood. My first ambition was an original sin when I screamed how innovation…

  • Poetry

    If you see her, say hello to her

    If you see her, say hello to her, she left me last fall in the park, on a bench -I never thought to bring her back. If she asks how I am, tell her I’m fine. She might ask if I forgot her, tell her I am, long time ago. If you see her, say hello to her. The love between us happened quickly, as if we were just temporary lovers. We used to see each other every day, but we were hiding from ourselves. We didn’t want to show weakness and then weakness destroyed everything. If you see her, say hello to her. Approach her and hug her, one…

  • Abyss of thoughts

    The complexity

    The most important thing is to understand that people are too complexed, small and miserable and that, versus those who don’t have an inferiority complex, they fall into shadow and oblivion. So, before you burst into tears, consider your worth and compare yourself to those same people. If you’re like those complex miniature brains, you sink together and you fall into oblivion.

  • Self-knowledge through words


    Do you know what insecurity is and where it lies? Are you insecure? Are we all a bit like that? That insecurity is skillfully hidden and camouflaged. One moment it will occur in the form of clothes, another moment it will be adjusted in your playlist, and the next it will be in the way you present yourself to people. Insecurity. How long has it been since you reached your hands in the mass of people staring at the sky, looking forward to the pouring rain? Instead, you fit into that same mass and blend in with it. You become monochrome in a circle of people with the same aura-…

  • Poetry

    I am a man reluctant to call himself the man

    Please me. Win me. This time I’m handing over my bones, please me, split them in half, then crush them. Taste my loss, although I may not deserve it, but today is such a day, and I live from the night. I don’t know about disciplines, I don’t appreciate them. I don’t obey the backbone of rules and order, sooner, I break mine, so that I don’t carry others’ mistakes. I only know digression from what my weak emotion dictates. That’s why I step away, that’s why I’m giving you permission to take advantage of this day, in a variation of my nights. Here you go. I can’t explain my…

  • Prose

    You look beautifully lost

    You look beautifully lost, with headphones in your ears and hands in your pockets, so nothing disturbs you. Restless hair, eyes closed as you look at the world, the one in you, the one forbidden to the one outside. Without a smartphone that certainly won’t make you smarter, the mute off on the phone, you don’t want any distractions. You walk past me as I sit on the sidewalk. I’m smiling, but you don’t notice it, you’re lost, beautifully lost. While looking at you, I’m imagining what you might be thinking at that moment. What’s the problem? What bothers you? Maybe you’re thinking about someone that hurt you, or perhaps…