July 2017


But look at the irony
that humanity brought upon itself,
wisdom is shattered,
to make sections for all lost people,
in order to put…

Mortal and Immortal

The conflict of our souls, will it destroy
all possible protocols and rules,
because I am Immortally yours,
and you Mortally mine?

Little boy

You lost the essence of everything, you were subordinate and loyal to her. Little boy, it’s pure deception.

A cigarette

She was a cigarette, and he was on fire.
He was always cold, but he had her.
On the old bench, two young beings,
committed to one another…


She was thirteen
when she felt the need to change the world.
Seventeen, when she stopped daydreaming.
Eighteen, when she lit her first…

The Butterfly Effect

What is chaos theory? A butterfly swinging its wings and making a sweep or does it just touches us in a series of chaos, people, sorted out like dominoes? Are we the dominoes

Pain worse than hell

But the curse continually follows you, that pain worse than hell, it burns your skin, but you learned to live with those scars because…