• Prose

    I run after my life, whether towards it or away from it, I don’t stop

    Everything is in the trembling of the lower lip, the dry dumpling that makes a hole in the throat, the bitterness surfaces no matter how hard you press your tongue against the tips of your lips. That’s how you always know that you hit the wall of the familiar place, where turning around and turning back isn’t permitted. There’s no redemption in waiting, and unsteady legs fall into live sand of unyielding. Did you think it couldn’t happen more than once? You’ve been chewed up by the ground a thousand times before. You tell yourself to hold on tight, one more round, to lean on the impact and hope that…

  • Poetry

    I could fly over the entire world crashing with my wings at people

    Through all limitations and restrictions, like a bird with a ring around my neck, somewhat insidious, it seems, I flew through the gates of the pupils of people without eyes, recording every place I went to, carrying metal wires around my thighs. I took pictures with my eyes, of every moment that was a little more special than the previous one, and I found out that I could fly over the entire world crashing with my wings at people and barriers just to lure them into my lap. But, another discovery, another barrier in front of me, last stop, last place, pleasant to the lenses of my eyes. A place…