A special kind of animal

I’m a special kind of animal,
I crave to try human flesh.
I want to taste the poisoned blood mixed
with the purity of heart at the same time.
I long to feel your inner beauty,
with a smile on my face and relief in my stomach after.
To swallow love and hate,
in one try.

I want to chew anger and rage,
as my teeth slowly grind and bleed.
I scream to feel everything,
and then to brush my teeth
with human pride and ego.
And then when you tremble the most
in the hands that defile you,
to surrender to lust
that already ripped you apart
at a glance.

In the insatiable desire to try you,
I get lost and find,
I pluck roots in myself
to fill them with bloody
lusting for you.
It’s the animal instinct,
me feeding
with what can only satisfy me.

My bones are cracking while
I transform into forms
of what can swallow you.
It’s continually deepening.
The urge inside me burns to feel
the smell of your skin that I tear with my claws
and to chew the meat while
it becomes part of my womb.

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