About the Author

My name is Tamara. I was born in Vranje on December 11, 1997. I am a law technician by education and have been writing since I was in elementary school. My first texts were in English, but over time I decided to focus on my native language.
In 2016, I designed a blog under the pseudonym “Ignist” that collected a desirable number of regular readers in a year.
In 2017 I decided publicly to introduce myself by my name and decided to create this website (https://tamarastamenkovic.com/) that is visited by over 30,000 users today, both from Serbia and other countries.
That same year I started working as a freelance columnist for Chaos Magazine, where I managed a column of author texts, which was among the most widely read.
In December 2017, I got a job as Editor-in-Chief, where I’m still working.

It was never my plan to deal solely with writing and to make money from it. I don’t see myself as a writer in a sea of the same, but as someone who loves words and playing with them in my free time.

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