About the Author

My name is Tamara. I was born on December 11, 1997. I am a law technician by profession, and I have been writing literature since primary school.
In 2016, I created a blog under the pseudonym “Ignist”, which gathered an enviable number of regular readers in one year.
In 2017, I decided to publish myself with my name and surname, so I decided to create this website (https://tamarastamenkovic.com/), which today over 30,000 users visit, both from Serbia, the region, and other countries.
That same year, I started working as a columnist for Haos magazine, where I ran a column of authorial texts, which was among the most read.
In 2017, I got a job as the online editor-in-chief of an information portal that I am still working on.
In 2018, I started to improve in various areas of the IT sector. I have completed different courses in digital marketing, SEO optimization, branding, website creation, and maintenance. The following year, I started doing additional freelance jobs to continue and improve my knowledge and acquire new skills.
In 2020, I started working as a social media manager. In addition, I focused more on jobs related to writing, and in my spare time, I worked as a copywriter, writing articles for various foreign magazines.
In January 2021, I launched an online magazine dedicated to personal and general development and research of inner values. Intro Magazine strives to make readers understand that they are responsible for their growth and development and to connect that same community by initiating not only dynamic but also creative progress in which everyone can embrace their inner values ​​by exploring them over and over again through diverse concepts covered by the magazine.

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