Tamara Stamenkovic was born in Serbia, Vranje on December 11, 1997. She is a law graduate and writes from her elementary school days.
In 2016, she created her blog under the pseudonym “Ignist”, which collected an enviable number of regular readers in a year.
In 2017, she decides to publicly present her name and surname and to create a website under her name, Tamara Stamenkovic, (https://tamarastamenkovic.com/), which today knows more than 20,000 people, both from Serbia and other countries. She was also a columnist for several magazines. Currently, she is employed as a web journalist and news editor of an information portal.
She had never had the plan to engage in writing and earn money from it, but the writing itself found her and became her lifestyle. She does not perceive herself as a writer, but as someone who loves words and plays with them. She does not have much to say about her writing, but there is always something new to write about.


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