Abyss of thoughts

The complexity

The most important thing is to understand
that people are too complexed,
small and miserable
and that, versus those
who don’t have an…

Duality – so ambiguous word

e look at each other by analyzing who is double-faced, who isn’t, why they’re like that, how’s that possible, whether they are what they’re..

We will become only a photograph

We grow up. So quickly and seamlessly, life passes before our eyes as a black and white photograph in some virtual form, too detailed, yet…


Does it occur to you only to lie down and stare at the ceiling?
Thinking about things that happened in the past days, weeks…
About wasted…

The journey

He loved her, but she loved someone else.
She loved him, but he loved someone else.
Everyone is chasing, looking for love that has never…


Everything in my stomach is turning upside down
at the thought
that some people fill themselves with pain and
with anger, convincing…