Carry your true self with you

People have a neurotic compulsion to self-confirm what they are, but do they know? We are creating the rules by which we guide ourselves and balance other’s expectations with ours, thinking we’re higher than that, so sure of that. Where did this come from, can you honestly say that you are who you are now and that you’ve never been anyone else? Remember to remember your essence. That root cannot be pluck. Inside it is the first breath you exhaled within your being. Carry with you what reminds you of who you are, and where you came from, created to be distinctive, designed to exist as a meaningful and valuable piece of a human-made puzzle, designed for the purpose through which those pieces connect, and refuse to be united. Each piece is different but unique. Therefore hold tight to the person you are, because not everyone is fortunate enough to be rewarded with the rare ability, to recognize their true nature, the core of what made them human and how- keeping ourselves as a reminder of everything that shaped us, to be grateful for what we have, not focused on what we will never have. And, if you are a force to pulling the biggest shackles around your wrists until you arrive there, carry them with you. Perhaps your life was never destined to be easy, and maybe you are one of those few people that go through the most challenging moments, but decide to remain themselves, and that’s fine.

Perhaps your life is going the way it should because of you. If so, don’t try explaining everything, you are already a defined person, on your own. Your time is inside you, and it may not be easy only to grab it, but you have to appreciate it. Don’t you think that those parts that aren’t in their place are not a test but scattered so that you can put them back to where they fit? And hurrying them up can destroy them. So stop. Inhale yourself. Accept yourself because you only have you. Wear proudly your feature and all the priceless labels you’ve attached to yourself, for a reason, because those who gave them to you don’t have their own. Maybe it has to be this way, so you can look back and recognize your greatness, and wherever you are, whatever is tempting you to forget it, whoever is trying to make you leave it behind, don’t let it happen. Continually remind yourself of what you had to go through, where that path led you and what’s the outcome of all the steps. They will try to put you down, to defeat you, but that’s just a little barrier, comparing to everything that awaits you. You know well that the mind is a more powerful opponent than people. Only ambition and desire to become excellent and persisting in doing that should be your hidden weapon and your strongest protection against every attack. And, they will attack you, because if you weren’t above them, they wouldn’t even try. People want to steal only what they don’t have and are afraid of the inner strength they see in others. They will swallow their weaknesses, and they make them people, too, so if they don’t have them, how will they live with themselves? You are among those who stand tall and proud, even when you walk with your head down past them.

Tactics or honesty? The way you camouflage your true intentions, your goals, your achievements, only to be closer to them. What difference does it make if you know you give your best because of your values? Your essence is the creation on which your personality is based, only you can break it or build another creation. People will always be there to hold you back or drag you down. There’s no worse outcome than allowing them to do that. They’ll try to invade a corner of your uniqueness to make a mess, to make you think that you are irrelevant. They will put you on a scale to determine if humanity is heavier than cold blood, and you already know that there’s always someone who wants to tarnish the blossoming mind. But, if you have yourself, you are as twice as powerful than before. No one can take that from you. Self-defense doesn’t have to be noisy. Right? The power always lies in those who know how to quiet the storm by silence. Some of us are there to clear the way, not just to create chaos. Just stop for a second, see yourself, and look around you. Choose from what perspective you want to see the world. If you want it, you can have it, even if that means to stand alone in it, because you are in the center of your life. You are inside everything that made you, in all that you are, at the beginning of your growth, in the middle, where you fall to rise again, in the worst and most brilliant moments of turnaround that awaited you. Carry your true self with you, and don’t let go, even when holding on to that edge is too difficult because that’s everything they want. They will crush your hand so you would fall, and later you are going to need yourself the most, to endure.

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