Duality – so ambiguous word

Duality-so ambiguous word, indeed. It’s probably more than that, too broad a notion to polemicize about it, to define it, but not for its establishment. How to establish a strong belief about it, when attitudes, like opinions and views of people, change and always are for a nuance more accurate or not? We look at each other by analyzing who is double-faced, who isn’t, why they’re like that, how’s that possible, whether they are what they’re representing to be or faces distort when the masks fall.

We analyze the acts, we count changes, we collect little things, but we take away the reasons for them, not knowing that someone’s doing the same thing to us behind our backs. Somebody’s always watching somebody else, and someone’s always watching us. Constantly. In the end, it’s irrelevant if we see that, only which face we’re showing to them and which one we hide, same as they’re doing. For most people, this word of “insult” is large and inaccurate. They’re developing an automatic self-defense system and attacking with arguments by defending themselves not being double-faced, not being the same as you, like us, like someone else, maybe the man who isn’t what it is because that’s what he wants, but perhaps because he has to. But nobody dares to ask.

No one wants to try to see what’s underneath distorted characters, beneath blurred prejudices. They don’t see. They don’t see that all of us are double-faced. Of course, we have multiple faces, it would be illogical to always walk with the same expressions on them. Are you the same before everyone and with everyone? No. You put another face in front of other people every time. And that’s ok. You know and recognize your real face. Now, dare to look beneath the infinite faces of others.

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