Energy vampires

Have you met people who make you exhausted and weak and make your presence superfluous? People who make your character intermittent and your thoughts incomplete? Have you ever met people who are morbid, who only suck someone else’s energy up and carry it in their abyss, collect and absorb it, to later reflecting it in you? They can stretch the last piece of your skin, tear it off and make from you just a skeleton of fragile bones hidden under that glowing, bright skin, under which they escape. Yes, you know these people, and you become like them. All of them aim to become a group of different people, to lose themselves in all of these personalities, fighting with themselves, fighting which of them will be first to choose to break free, to get out of the abyss. They look at the victims, acting like ones. That’s how they catch the prey. They want to listen to you, advise you the best as they can, until they make a significant moment of brainwashing, breaking your aura and drinking your energy. And the little you once had, now you don’t. Empty people take over you and exhaust you. One, second, third, a whole army of energy vampires around you. Who would say they exist, right?

In the air, in the aura around you, you breathe the same meaning with them, and the meaninglessness is the only thing that separates you. Ironic. Between passages and wide intersections, there they are, at the intersection of sadness and longing to be invisible, but still, they’re crystal clear. Every street, every place you like to visit, everywhere. Invisible, hidden under a huge smile. Perfectly trained camouflage under the thin skin. The trick here is that it could be anyone, from someone who’s everything to you to the people you know for a few hours or less. So many wicked minds, searching for a young life because they’re rotten inside, unfulfilled and alone. People want to drink delicious drops of something they admire, of everything they cry for, and when they do, you get tired every day. You begin avoiding people and irrelevant questions. You answer in two or three words, hiding behind a corner, so they don’t get you. For days, you think about the routine that surrounds you, the cursed people in the already doomed world.

People with limited vision, torn skin, not accepting the possibility of such people scattered around the world. Some only want to get away and find the elixir of youth. But, our souls are getting older when we let those thirsty for fulfillment drink them. Have you met people who make you tired, worn out, frustrated? Are you aware you may be one of them, or not? The worst of all is that sometimes we don’t know that energy vampires are hiding inside us, they are skillfully disguising, waiting for their victims. They are cunning, wicked. They do not choose bodies, they only steal energies, and we exchange them between us every day, becoming the same as them, rude and cold, sometimes neutral, but always similar. They’re waiting for some drop of energy to fall on the tip of our tongue, to feel it slide down our throats and make us satiated until we become thirsty again. They’re waiting for us to shed our skin and put a new one, ready for the next prey, with a smile beyond our senses. Because there’s no reason, there are only thirst and hunger left, and the indescribable need to fill out our abyss.

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