Freedom of mind

Non-linearity rules the world, ego combined with astigmatism, values ​​that are constantly transformed into everything but essential, moral commitments about the future. Or the social concept impose them? Who can guarantee our future at all when our minds are constraining by the simplicity of daily life? We see no further than that because we are not allowed to, however, define it. And the only thing we strive for is freedom, complete, intact, internal, and external. And generally, people will obey one another to touch the goal of being happy. Yet, it’s ironic that despite the pursuit of happiness, they would still not be honest with themselves to reach that goal unanimously. Why are honesty and authenticity important in life? It’s for another debate, but connect it to this, if you dare. In short, at the core of our relatively insignificant life, why would anyone prefer a life full of insincerity instead of living it honestly? That is globally incomprehensible. At least we should be honest with ourselves, if not with the whole world. It emphasizes extreme ignorance of what freedom is and why happiness isn’t secure without it. Freedom isn’t about doing what the heart wants right now. Freedom is the ability to do it now, the ability to break with your beliefs, if and when required.

Freedom is a self-confidence that brings on the feeling that we don’t need to be bound in an unhappy position, in a place where there’s no room for smiles, with unstable people, or to be slaves to those above us. And the pursuit of that kind of freedom is that we constantly try not to control the intentions of any person or any circumstances. No one but ourselves has the right to our life. Essentially, we are all free, but seamlessly and slowly society and its associative conditioning have crept into our homes and tied us to one another, to act in certain paradigms. That’s why we are trapped, and why we are tearing ourselves between right and wrong, and we create spaces in our minds for unnecessary hatred, to destroy each other with intolerance, and who to blame? Who should we point our finger at, and what to deal with if we have no idea what took over us, and to what extent? The expectation of reciprocity is what should guide our world so that we can maximize it with what makes us happy. Without that mutual relationship, what are we? Animals with their uncontrollable instincts, trapped in a cage with each other, free to tear each other apart? And what’s left? Blood and sweat that’s not ours, but yet, they are. We don’t know what they serve. And again, we’re limited, we choke again, and we lift our heads to breathe in the freshness of something that only looks like a relief. Perhaps the most severe restriction on our freedom arises from the laws with which we disagree. Because of the fact, this is especially interesting because we can’t choose the country where we were born. The world only throws us into a set of laws that we need to obey. And not every soul is created to be obedient.

What about those untamed, wild, restless ones? And then the only hope is that in the country where we were born, we strive for freedom as a significant aspect, strongly defended. And so we repel magnets that pull us into something deep within us, confusing and inconceivable, one might say undefined because that’s how it should be, I guess. What we are committed to continuing to have infinite power over us. But as long as one is fighting for his ideal, it is worth the risk. Although they may not have an audience, the applause they receive is more than satisfying. And whatever they sacrifice will be for a sense of personal freedom and happiness that depends on it. It dissolves and vanishes completely when someone else sets the rules of the game, and one person blindly follows the other one or the whole mass, due to ego or external pressure. Such a confused action does not represent freedom. It’s slavery to the universe and the manipulation of common sense so that for fear of being alone or left to chance do something we never would. Is this called an arbitrary choice? People who don’t behave according to what they observe only provoke the realization of the threat to create subconscious bias. The relationship between freedom and happiness is a concept of probability. You could be tied up, but the point of the accident may not appear. Many chains of love, respect, and obligation cause several relativities. However, when things get worse, it’s only then that the causes of the extreme amount of misery can sense because if one wants to break free, they cannot do so without disrespect for themselves and the world. And the hypocrisy and inconsistency of a system of value are what could create a fatal accident.

In other words, if things go well, freedom will lean in their back seat. However, one should always be concerned about the absolute worst case, that in those dark and scary times, we didn’t do enough to secure our freedom by being authentic and consistent with our goal. But if the surrounding prevents you in any way, or someone else’s rules and moral values that are not like yours, or people who are beyond your intellectual level and their influence diminishes you, then it’s hard even to exist. There lies the driver of courage or surrender. Eternal struggle, eternal disorder. That’s why personal freedom determines that you, and only you, are deserving and able to decide your happiness. It separates you from the external factors that are controlling and which cause the most regrets and allows you to become an individual who can conquer the world, completely confident in yourself, sufficient on your own. And that world will continue to change, different things will reflect on the future, and they will project through the mistakes of those who lived before us. At least we can contribute to the world with honesty about who we are and modify our personalities to be everything they have always meant to be, free to breathe, on their own.

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