I pretend for a moment that there is no insensibility around me

I pretend for a moment that there is no insensibility around me. I pretend that is so wonderful to wake up and look through the window. I’m thinking about the relativity of that same happiness and I realize that I can only rely on my own. Nobody else will hand me over happiness. Behind that, there’s always some hidden intention, unfortunately, so today I say that it doesn’t exist, that there’s honesty in everyone and everything.

I pretend that this world is full of love and that there’s something worth living, that there’s no unnecessary hatred and unreasonable condemnation. We all deserve to be loved the way we are, and no one can take our love from us. For a moment, I close my eyes and fall into the abyss of fantasies of mornings without yesterday’s problems and into days filled with laughter from the depths of the soul. I’m thinking of the names for new dreams and give imagination the freedom to create a new world instead of this miserable one that rips on stitchings every day, more and more. I believe in people.

Today, I believe that if we’re bold enough and keen to change, we can find happiness, first of all in ourselves, and then in others, remaking this world into a better place, and not just pretending that we’re happy. I slowly turn into a person who will be part of that world. From today, I rely on my own happiness.

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