I will become a drop in your eye

I will become a drop in your eye,
which will slip from time to time
down your face,
but it won’t fall.
You will wipe me,
you’ll get me off,
with the conviction that it’s over.
But it’s just beginning…
I’ll be a reflection of your
look in the mirror
when you’re looking for me.
I’ll be a thorn in your eye,
but not as a threat
-but as a memory.
I will live inside your eye,
like a bitter tear.
I will slip from time to time
and every time you wipe me
before I fall,
I will know I’m still hurting you.
Every time you wipe furiously
memories- I’ll know I still mean something to you.
I will swim in your waters,
in everything that bothers you and doesn’t give you peace.
I will be a reflection of your former love,
love for me,
love for us.
Every time you show a moment of weakness,
I will be there to remind you…
I’m your thorn in the eye and I give you no peace.
I don’t let you slip,
not without remorse.
I will become a bitter tear that will slip
down your lips, just like I used to.
I’ll tickle your cheeks every time
when you think it’s over,
living inside your eye,
as if I were still a part of you.

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