I’m not defined by what I said, but by what I did to prove myself

My character isn’t determined by my past, nor by labels that you pin on me so easily. I’m not defined by what I said, but by what I did to prove myself. Only I can define me. I overcame and survived all your punches, all your attacks, passed the tests and went through all of that until the point when I could say with certainty that I’m proud of that person within me, of everything that she has done to drain the last drop of strength to survive and stay alive. On my feet, steady. Alone. I myself accomplished my achievements. I myself have overcome every obstacle.

I had to learn. Alone. Exactly as I am. And when I look back, I would do everything in the same way. I don’t care about your words or how you define me. Who are you to put filth upon my personality, when you know something about me only from the stories of those who are similar to you? Pretentiously, I can say that I’m above all that’s superficial because what burns in me no one can endure or get out of that fire as I can. Alone. And I don’t need people who speak of themselves as being humans, but do nothing to support their claiming. No. I’m enough for myself, and those who deserve me, I’m sure they will find a way to my core.

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