Don’t make an obstacle
in humans or animals.
Don’t make scars,
on the body or on the soul.
Don’t say words
that are sharp and cold.
Don’t be violent,
physically or mentally.
This is real advice for your mind.
But still, you become arrogant,
you don’t care.

You’ve gone and made
your sanctuary.
You made temples,
mosques and pilgrimages.
You built a religion
and created bias.
Various ways for
spiritual beliefs and traditions,
which aren’t part of my current mission.
Equal behavior towards
everyone is my primary goal,
trust and love
became a dead end,
and people no longer have dignity.

Times change rapidly,
I’m watching with my broken eyes,
broken of sorrow and disappointment.
They seek forgiveness against sins.
Even begging becomes absurd,
a collection of all of those
who look at the sky
and want something from it.
I was talking about the same
possibilities in love and war,
I was talking about the same
opportunities for a man, woman, or children.

But look at the irony
that humanity brought upon itself,
wisdom is shattered,
to make sections for all lost people,
in order to put everyone
on different shelves,
in genres in which they don’t belong.
We believe in the invisible
and we discard proven facts.

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