Is love salvation?

She taught him that love saves,
that it had always planned to put them together,
inventive and strong, unique and true,
that life is only worthy because of it
and that people should indulge themselves fully.
She showed him that a smile
is most valuable when
followed by infatuation,
because of all the little things that make the whole world.

A seemingly silly habit,
random looks, humble and hopeful,
talks about simple things
that turn into those conversations
where they find each other in words,
in the places in them where
no one has ever stepped before.

And every little thing she did,
consciously or unconsciously,
became something
without which he couldn’t imagine the day.
And day by day she awakened in him
to do his best to be worthy
of her inner beauty,
of her wish to change at least part of the world
with the warmest smile,
her fearlessness to fight for love
and to live inside it fully,
finally ready to show it to him
that he’s her other half
and that life doesn’t have to be this way,
dark and evil as it seemed to him.

She taught him that he’s worth loving
with the whole heart and soul.
He taught her that life
can strike with heavy blows
from which we’re hardly recovering,
that we must
accept the reality of pain,
the cruelty of that truth that’s inevitable,
and that love can also hurt.

He’s been through so much.
She’s been through so much.
And life, it taught them both
to deal with it in their way
and to give each other
lessons and strength
to overcome it in the world
which takes much more than it provides.
Luckily, it gave them something rarest.
Something that needs to be silent and everyone is talking about it.

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