Little boy

She manipulated you, little boy.
She seduced you with what you didn’t have,
seduced you with words and fun facts.
You were silent, listening,
enjoying her presence.
She laughed about that,
she loved your insecurities.
She made you not knowing who you were
but knowing that you belong to her.
You accepted everything
she explained to you for days
and everything she taught you at night.
You become deviating,
divided into different personalities.
You lost the essence of everything,
you were subordinate and loyal to her.
Little boy, it’s pure deception.
The real problems start when you realize
and see at what you were looking
with eyes wide open,
but you clearly didn’t understand.
You didn’t understand that it wasn’t you.
It was never about you.
You only served to fill up her emptiness,
her poorly shaped mask.
Your fragments were filling up
her confidence.
Nothing more than that.
Nothing worth thinking about.

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