Magni Nominis Umbra

I watched Death,
on the side, admiring her,
but I never dared to approach her.
She seemed so untouchable,
so intact and innocent.
And then I felt her,
so imminent;
the bone cavity
persistently echoed her name.
I could smell her skin.
That smell was impossible to ignore.
She took me with her,
with her thoughts and inside them.
I stared at her for hours.
It fascinated me.
She stood in front of me.

I was trembling and swallowing
dumplings full of sin and remorse.
A cold sweat came over me,
emotions evoked the explosion in the eyes.
I wanted to dance with her so badly,
one last dance.
I asked her if she wants to dance,
but I knew she wouldn’t answer.
I bowed before her;
kissing her hand,
looking her straight into the eyes,
right into the nothingness.
She had cold look,
colder than herself.
I took her hand.
I know she waited a long time for that dance.
She was waiting especially for me,
she didn’t want to take my life
before the time came.
She’s not selfish to me,
neither am I to her.

I watched Death and without fear,
I crossed on her side enjoying
the pain she causes me
as she firmly holds my hand.
This is a special kind of dance,
experienced only once,
not always with her.
Sometimes it’s sudden,
sometimes there’s Love,
sometimes Suffering.
And I only wanted her,
nothing except Death.
She’s different from the others,
she’s always been a part of me.
Sometimes I’m dead,
sometimes alive,
but hers, always hers.

We danced on the podium made of hell.
I laughed, sank my eyes into her smile.
She doesn’t let me go.
She loves this dance with
the shadow of a significant man.
I realized too late, what I meant to her.
Well, we have a whole eternity
to observe the afterlife surrounding us.
We will become one,
the light will transform me
into another Oblivion.
But she’ll never forget our steps.
I will last forever because of her,
listening to helpless cries
of formerly egocentric minds
which are merging
at the epicenter of her power.

I watched Death,
I, the shadow of a significant man.
They talked about me, I heard.
They talked about me as
I went dancing with her,
for the last time.
I decided to enchant her,
to see how similar we are.
She has this power.
If she blinks, I will disappear.
I’m being watched by Death,
with an intriguing look,
with a half-smile.
And finally, she whispers
the last words which only I can hear,
so the Oblivion doesn’t take me:
magni nominis umbra…

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