Mortal and Immortal

Those deep dark eyes
break the illusions of my arrogance.
Your penetrating gaze,
hard and sharp as flint;
pierces my soul and breaks my conscience.
Leave me bleeding
at the altars of your recklessness.

Your love is the antidote
to the scratches and scars on my soul,
because I fell before cumulative
attacks of your eyes.
Am I to hold my hand toward eternity
or let myself fall
into the dungeons of eternal damnation?
It’s your privilege to decide.

Let me think in
the wretchedness of this night
which my soul desperately despises.
Did I let you reach
to the core of my existence?
To enter with a forbidden pass,
fully aware of your abilities.
Aware that you and I are
an impossible possibility,
belonging to opposites
that makes us the right combination.

The conflict of our souls, will it destroy
all possible protocols and rules,
because I am Immortally yours,
and you Mortally mine?

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