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Paradox and enigma

You are bound by restlessness.
Scared of the unknown.
Cheated by the truth.
Pushed in the corner.
Unknown to yourself.
Toxic for others.
Thrown into a vortex.
Ready for the ending.
You crawl and disappear.
Consumed by reality.
Not accepting it.
Forced to see it.
Driven with rage.
You are bound by the need.
Charmed by lies.
Secondary role.
The main initiator.
A vicious circle and fire.
A moment in the meantime.
Erratic chaos.
You as your own burden.
Lost in the void.
Overloaded by pressure.
Haunted by the demons.
Ejected into the interspace.
Possibly someone’s.
Never belonging to anyone.
Nowhere achieved.
Inevitably neglected.
Wrongly guided.
Used to yourself.
Imprinted in the misery.
You’re disappearing out of sight.
You’re drowning in the vastness.
False continuity.
Totally unchanged.
Trapped in a cage.
Agony as opium.
Turned upside down.
Paradox and enigma.
The problem is pushed under the carpet.
Inadvertently crushed.
Impenetrable foreign.
With sharp wings, they’re stuck.
They’re yours when everything else isn’t.

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