Rubik’s Cube

A mystery that hardly anyone can solve.
A game hardly anyone can play.
A problem that barely anyone can solve.
A subject that hardly anyone can manage for a long time.

She was created for intelligent playing,
selfish keeping and skillful observation.
Her other name is Magic Cube.
She’s made of undiscovered magic and unveiling.

Her goal is to provoke and create problems.
She wants to cause a serious loss of concentration.
She can drive crazy anyone who is not consistent.
Laughing treacherously at everyone, but nobody laughs at her.

She was created for intelligent minds,
most of them don’t dare to get closer to her.
They show their true faces at the first meeting with her,
their nerves break after spending a few moments with her.

A mystery that takes everyone’s breath away.
A game that consciously plays with your psyche.
The problem that creates problems by solving them.
An object without blades that leaves scars.

She hypnotizes and uses dangerous tricks.
Various colors that are breaking into adequate shapes.
It’s her camouflage that hardly anyone can reveal.
With a tough attitude and unseen strong character.

She’s able to mess with the mind of anyone who takes her.
A riddle that separates reality from fantasy.
She looks attractive and easy, but she’s untouchable in reality.
She reminds of the original Rubik’s Cube.

The one that’s easy to remember after you leave her,
but hard to forget once you solve her mystery.
The one that provokes the limits of your mind,
Rubik’s Cube, there’s no one similar to her,
but from the outside, she looks the same as everyone.

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