She had dimples on her cheeks

She had dimples on her cheeks
and Converse sneakers older than herself.
She wore badges on a denim jacket
and colorful socks.
She listened to Cigarettes After Sex
and read the book Shadow of the Wind
in city transportation.
In love with literature,
and the literature with her, too.
Every other day
she read a new book.
Many poems and books
have been written about her.
I guess everyone wants to meet
a girl with dimples on her cheeks
and to approach her,
but not to be a cliché.
They observed her.
Many still do,
but she’s not anyone’s type.
She’s just beautiful.
She intrigued everyone with her existence.
Of course, red lipstick as a trademark,
as well as a striking T-shirt
with the Latin saying:
“Fortasse erit, fortasse non erit”.
No, she’s not a cliche,
but she thinks everything around her is.
She smiles often.
I wonder if she sometimes does that on purpose
and I think to myself:
“Nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby”.
She had a smartphone,
Alcatel OT 995.
I guess the only thing that matters to her
is to take a phone call
and nothing more than that.
I know all about her,
much more than the others.
They just talk
about the dimples on her cheeks,
but I created her.
She’s part of me,
and whenever I decide to approach her,
she smiles and disappears,
goes back to my songs
in the form of words and imagination,
because only there she can live,
laughing and always wearing badges.

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