• Poetry

    Make me a suit made by measurements of humanity

    Self-preservation is when I embrace all hatred people have taught me, not to be like that, full of contempt and to make myself a suit from their miserable attempts to make me one of them. I am a mutilated article myself, article about the current state of human misery in which I can stand high, in the middle of a crowd roaring. On my fingertips, I walk over the sharp stones of existence and I portray myself as only normal, stuck and indifferent. They approached me with faces like Swiss cheese from which the sanies drip, stalkers in red forms and stretched plasticine smiles. The world doesn’t register our struggles.…

  • Self-knowledge through words


    Don’t make an obstacle in humans or animals. Don’t make scars, on the body or on the soul. Don’t say words which are sharp and cold. Don’t be violent, physically or mentally. This is real advice for your mind. But still, you become arrogant, you don’t care. You’ve gone and made your sanctuary. You made temples, mosques and pilgrimages. You built a religion and created bias. Various ways for spiritual beliefs and traditions, which aren’t part of my current mission. Equal behavior towards everyone is my primary goal, trust and love became a dead end, and people no longer have dignity. Times change rapidly, I’m watching with my broken eyes,…