The Ecstasy

The state in which the experience of supernatural enthusiasm dominates, the feeling of endless joy, the highest level of excitement in which a person appears to be leaving the body, loses consciousness and merges with the absolute. Ecstasy as a paranormal game where we find ourselves in the darkest places. We love darkness, but we search for a bright spot, seeking enlightenment. However, there’s a black hole, just between today and tomorrow, between the past and the more distant one. Between current and fundamental emotions. A black hole, timeless levitation, the state in which we fall unconsciously, subconsciously seeking it. Life becomes an intoxicant as if ecstasy acts on the mind and body. We hover above our own thoughts, and then we fall into the REM phase. We live life thinking that it’s a lucid dream. We love, thinking that that’s the highest peak. We breathe, thinking that every breath is the last. So many atoms move us, blood flows through veins, wanting to break free. We’ve bled out so many times, in fear of blood clotting. We experience the paralysis of life, thinking that it’s a paralysis of sleep. We lie immovable and wait for better tomorrow, we wait for a moment that changes, that pulls out from the root everything buried in us. There are so many funerary monuments in us, none for pride.

Our mouths are dry and damaged while waiting for life to bleed, drop by drop. The bones are made of plasticine, waiting to be ideally composed and reassembled. We have an aversion of confrontation, but we face the invisible, continually falling into ecstasy like the state of nirvana, the most supreme and ultimate goal of our rebirth. We are trained to reduce life to our addictions without which we don’t function, kindly injecting the ecstasy in order to feel consumed by our own psychophysical state. We are addicted to being part of a reality that is different from the one we’ve got used to in everyday hell. We pause and remember the feeling of transversity in the inexplicable, but so fascinating moment of instant awakening in the midst of our mind. In our improvisation, we create sounds that don’t exist, silent and chaotic, multidimensional and unrecognizable, but they captivate us and raise dust in which our atoms break apart, creating the mirage of our reflection. The body disappears, the identity is withdrawn from consciousness, without the capacity to do anything else except to feel that we exist in a supernatural form of another world, beyond the reality, outside of the usual. We focus on what is required of us, we give ourselves, uncertain and unstable, thinking that it’s necessary.

So many different factors influence us to let the combination of challenges and constraints lose on the optimum, giving us the power to recognize the situation in which we are left to ourselves, freed. Besides, we let ourselves indulge in the hallucinations that drive us and guide us, captured by the ecstasy that’s difficult to overcome. We are coordinating ourselves by concentrating on the essence of our existence in a continuous vortex of climax and letting ourselves be enthusiastic. Addicted to the feelings, even if it means bleeding, we are waiting for life to take a step or two, so we can follow each one. There are so many sculptures of fear in us, none of them broken, none built for no reason. Our eyes are hollow, waiting to pick up the meaning of what they see. There are spiritual euphoria and indulgence in the total transformation of everything we want, but we run from that, resisting. We love pain, but we deny it, asking for an unconsciously different kind of the same pain to drive us. We are born ecstatic in a neurotic world. We bring ecstasy to this world, as the deepest essence of life. Life is ecstasy. We are trying to understand this mechanism, in which we are created. In a space without time, unlimited, profound, infinitely ourselves, but deceived, we are living in the dark cell of the prison from which we come out only when we are free to be ecstatic. That’s alchemy, the science of transformation, to be born again in something new that we couldn’t comprehend at the moment.

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