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The secret of happiness and peace of mind is connecting with people

The secret of happiness and peace of mind is connecting with people. Relationships with people and connecting on multiple levels. One kind of love as a thread that unites people. We cannot have a quality life if we don’t have quality relationships with people. If we don’t have someone in our life to rely on or build a healthy relationship we cannot have quality life. That’s the most important thing. Why? Because love is an alternative to loneliness. How many of them wander lonely, with empty looks, empty souls, with a feeling of misunderstanding, delusion, feeling invisible. It’s never known for sure how it affects them and what consequences they may encounter.

They comfort themselves with virtual friends, in a virtual world, behind a monitor, alone and longing for fulfillment. That image of those who are chronically lonely is more and more defeating and harder to fix. There are so many socially isolated people all around the world that it’s impossible to understand the core of the problem, even though the problem is visible. They must have people in their lives with whom they can be truly intimate and open-minded, people who will understand them and be there for them. Interpersonal relationships are the most important for one person’s development.

Unfortunately, that’s so rare and very hard to find. Many people, especially those who have an intense connection with others, utterly cry out to be themselves. But it’s possible to feel lonely when you surrounded by a large number of people. Let’s do our best to open our eyes and our hearts to people who need to be less lonely. There’s a big difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Let’s make that difference. Let’s connect and show each other that love exists in many forms and that it can bring us closer together. Let’s show each other that we don’t have to feel lonely because we have each other.

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