The Wind

I will disappear with the wind,
one day.
I’ll become the wind
in the late evening.
I will be a part of untouched freedom,
I will become that same freedom;
I will allow its freedom
to free me.
One day I will disappear,
I will leave numerous traces,
on evening walks;
in the early mornings,
I will become the most
beautiful part of the summer.
I will also learn to fly,
between strands of hair,
I will consider them a challenge.
I will wear different perfumes,
I will enhance and destroy
many moments
in the remaining lives.
I will become a wind someday;
I will disappear with it,
I’ll be a creepy cold
and a favorite summer opportunity.
I will do extensive damage,
I will ignite large flames;
I will be free
to control freedom.
One day,
I will disappear with the wind,
I’ll become like it.

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