To all parents: Do not convince yourself that you know your children

Your children are much more than what you see as you look at them.

They hide much more.
They see much more.
They feel much more
then what do you think.

They are always a “third party” in the family,
but do not underestimate the power of your children.
Children are often just children by age.
They are foresighted and sensitive,
you have to work with them all the time.

The things they pass are changing them.
Sometimes they seem insignificant,
but they are important to them then,
these things gradually shape them.

And if you aren’t paying attention to that
which hurts and makes them happy,
one day you may be surprised.

You can look at your child
and see only its shell.
You won’t know how it thinks,
what it is thinking about
and why it is “who it is.”

Follow your children,
follow them with love
and understanding,
by accepting what they are.

Whatever they are, they are your children.
And if they reveal themselves to you,
it means they trust you.
Support your children and be proud of their diversity.

Don’t constantly criticize them,
yet give them the freedom to become themselves
– self-critical, that’s healthy.
After all, one day, the children will become your shadow.

Let your children look up to you.
Other people don’t matter. Other words don’t matter.
There must be no prejudice for your child,
but the true and intact one
– unconditional love.

Now it’s not a time for
I know what’s best“, because you don’t know.
Your child has not passed life yet.
It just has to get an opinion on its own,
build a character, and bear its scars.

Those same children often have problems
which torments them with the same intensity as you have.

Don’t underestimate your children’s emotions,
sometimes they feel much more than you do.
Because they are still young,
they are not used to injustice,
and maybe never will be,
because they are born for change.

Don’t tell them: it’s like that and no otherwise
because one day they will become adults,
they will shrug and accept that things are as they are.
If your child is fighting injustice,
support it and show pride.

Your child is different,
because it is yours and cannot compare to other children.

Remember – you were a child once too.
But remember – children are different today.

We continue to evolve and continually grow.

A child is a child for you, no matter how old it is.
The family has no expiration date, but life has.
Try to spend it in peace.

And, your child will have a child someday.
And maybe it won’t, that’s its decision.
But it’ll know again
everything you said.
Children one day find out everything,
first of all, thanks to you,
and then life.

Parents, get to know your children.
Kids, meet your parents.

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