Today, you have complete freedom to be a woman

Don’t get up yet;
lie calmly for a few minutes, half an hour, an hour.
Give yourself time, forget about your plans, at least once.
Give yourself plenty of time to accept yourself the way you are.
Get up and go to the mirror, clean your face, and smile.
Observe your reflection in the mirror. Don’t grab the towel immediately,
catch the waking of your eyes as well and stare at your pupils.
Face the emptiness you carry in them, but not by your fault.

Don’t pay attention to the dark circles around your eyes,
don’t put on concealer to cover them, not today.
Face the exhaustion in your eyes before putting on mascara.
Take a deep breath, and exhale, as many times as you need.
Wear the first thing you grab, let your hair down, and be loved.
Make coffee, don’t rush, today’s your day.

You earn it, you deserve a break.
You’ve been carrying burdens for too long, necessary and useless.
You’ve been worrying about everything for too long, you deserve to rest.
Be sad, feel weak. You don’t need to be tough today.
Today, you have complete freedom to be a woman.

Today, don’t pay attention to the everyday things that fill your day.
Imagine and fulfill the day the way you want it to be.
Don’t think about what to make for lunch,
whether to throw out the trash, wash the dishes, or pay the bills.
Be a side role today, throw away that part of yourself, it’s only for one day.
Borrow the main role to your true self,
to what you are when you drink your first coffee in the morning,
in the moments when you take a shower, in the moments when the world is standing still.
You don’t have to lead many lives today, you can only live yours.

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