What we do (not) need?

Those situations when we don’t know what we need, but we always know what we don’t. We know what don’t want, seeing how the wishes for survival reflect in this world when it’s yearning for inner peace, but also the restlessness that’s triggered by the importance of love, the adrenaline rush, the passion for something that fills us, and that eventually brings us that peace. Without restlessness, what would our bodies feel? That’s why we cry out, we seek and take what feeds us, what excites us and makes us surrender to our past fear of the unknown. But what is it that we don’t need? Empty promises, worn-out stories, and learned predicted actions of people who get lost between reality and imagination. We don’t need people who are incapable of keeping their word, who promise and offer us the impossible and not fulfill their promises, those who take away the emotions that are gone and use thoughts by shaping them into their own because some holes cannot be full. They remain just that, gaps.

We need more honesty, more effort, more memory of the things we gave up and sacrificed to accomplish what is necessary. We need more investment and will to persist in the goals we have set. And goals are nothing if we don’t give our all. This world doesn’t need as much unnecessary hatred, imposed opinions, and brainwashing as it is now. We don’t need anyone’s orders and embarrassing putting ourselves in positions of which we can’t get out, tying into social clots and our failed attempts to save ourselves, belief in trivial options that the world can transform into something more and better. How? What alternatives do we have when we have no influence on anything on our own? They tell us how to think, how to react to something more or less different from what has been implanted in the average minds of the masses of people, all that is unnecessary, more than absurd. More and more safely, we become someone else’s robots, slaves to higher powers who have become nothing but deceit and lies. We don’t need other people’s perspectives and management. We need freedom of speech, the right to be all that we are without hesitation, and fear that the world will condemn us.

And the world? The world needs us, those who stand out and make it better, at least for a moment, at least in the fraction of the speed of everyday life that goes before our eyes. Most of all, the world needs love and acceptance, honesty, and hope, striving for change, a change that lasts. We who fight. We who don’t give up. We, who believe in equality and that we are on the same level, that we can fit in if we strive. But we have to try, that’s what needs to happen to make much larger things occur. We need all that isn’t here, yet we do nothing. So much is unnecessary, but without so many, we can’t survive. There’s work to be done, every next one of us, anyone who wants change.

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