Who am I?

Who am I?
A magician who lights up his life,
wandering in the dark
of its terrifying ecstasy.
A saint who doesn’t mind sin,
a philanthropist with a sadistic ideology,
a vegetarian who loves chicken.
Too much sinistral temptation,
it’s too hard to resist.

Who am I?
Masked misogynist
behind the curtains of feminism,
a blood-craving homophobe,
yet accepts anything unacceptable.
A coward with tireless courage,
a loyal person with treacherous intentions,
a terrorist with an innocent soul,
too arrogant,
too heavy to be accepted.

Who am I?
Albino with the dark style,
the door of death through which life goes out,
bright sun in the dark morning,
predator, with certainty,
with an aura of ambiguity.

Who am I?
Confused mind with pure conscience,
celibacy with sexual fantasies.
A moist oasis in the arid desert,
a poor man with a huge appetite,
too dangerous to tolerate,
too big to forget.

Who am I?
Puritan adulterer,
a trusted traitor,
a free preacher,
a serious comedian,
too attractive to believe,
too honest to refuse me.

I am Life
with a face of contradictory indifference.
I’m All,
I’m nothing.

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