Words are parasites that inhabit my delicate skin

And then the words started coming out.
One by one, ⠀
they competed with each other, which is to be the first to reach my body.

The blows are more painful than the baton itself.
Word by word, naked body, ⠀
sticking condemnations to the same one. ⠀

Words are parasites that ⠀
inhabit my delicate skin. ⠀

Pale ink, ⠀
like dried blood ⠀
tattooed my body ⠀
like it wished. ⠀

All my attempts ⠀
have become miserable.

Cut, ⠀
intersect, ⠀
cut open. ⠀

Stretch my skin and cover yourself with it.

There was no way out, ⠀
but there were ways in, ⠀
for them. ⠀

I’m sewing my inner habitat ⠀
in an attempt to protect my discomfort. ⠀

It’s not easy to reach the universe in me.
You create black holes in me, in vain.

Do you know that nothing kills a human being more than the word itself?

That’s a lie.

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