You deserve to be loved

You’re a collection, love.
Of the most beautiful masterpieces,
from broken bones and scars under the skin,
from suffering and reality;
From the truth lurking in the depths of your sad smile,
you’re the happiness
finding its way
through struggles and sorrows,
through broken hearts and pain,
through indifference and worthlessness,
like sunlight shining through the clouds.

You’re a collection, love.
From teary eyes all night long
and visible traces of battles on your hands,
days spent inside four walls,
running away from daylight.
You will ask yourself over and over again,
what the bloody layers on the skin are for,
what exactly are they talking about and what’s their message,
why do they make you love what you hate,
all of you, without thinking twice.

You deserve love,
more than anyone else.
Because you saw so much,
ached so much.
Now there’s a place only for love,
there’s only time for healing.
The cuts and bruises that mark your skin
will soon stop hurting, but they will leave their mark.
They will become part of your inner beauty
and remain to show you how strong you were.
You, limitless soul,
you deserve to be loved,
more than anyone else;
you deserve love from the most beautiful person,
you deserve love from yourself.

You are a collection of the most beautiful masterpieces.
From a broken heart and tears,
from pessimism to realism;
from the lies that are around you,
you’re just a human being,
breathing and finding its way
through dark roads and sharp curves,
bodies hooked on the streets as in shop windows,
through insignificance and worthlessness,
being the last atom of strength struggling to survive.

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