You look beautifully lost

You look beautifully lost, with headphones in your ears and hands in your pockets, so nothing disturbs you. Restless hair, eyes closed as you look at the world, the one in you, the one forbidden to the one outside. Without a smartphone that certainly won’t make you smarter, the mute off on the phone, you don’t want any distractions. You walk past me as I sit on the sidewalk. I’m smiling, but you don’t notice it, you’re lost, beautifully lost. While looking at you, I’m imagining what you might be thinking at that moment. What’s the problem? What bothers you? Maybe you’re thinking about someone that hurt you, or perhaps you’re only hurting yourself with thoughts?

I’m here for you. Look at me. Do you think about the problems you have at home? Let’s solve them together.

Are you worried about your future? Are you insecure? If that’s the case, share everything troubling you with me. I’ll listen to you and give you hope because I’m here for you. Are you worried about where you are? Do you think you won’t make your dreams come true? Don’t worry, we can do everything together. Do you think about the people you left in the past, or do you miss the people you left because they disappointed you? Don’t worry, one day they will try coming back into your life.

I’m here for you.

You suddenly wandered off while you were standing on the street, and the moving motorcycle almost hit you. You turn around in wonder, without a single reaction as the driver insults you and tells you you’re crazy. I screamed: “Pay attention!

You looked at me, surprised.

I immediately ran to make sure you were okay if you’re upset or hurt. You looked at me, our eyes collided at the intersection of emotion and reality, but I lowered my head and walked away, the sidewalk seemed like a safe place at that moment.

Once again, you looked at me confused and headed your way. I can’t stop watching you walk into your world of mystery. Crowds are building up, people are blocking my view of you. At the last minute, you turn to check if I’m still sitting on the sidewalk. Our eyes met, and this time I didn’t look down. I was looking straight at you. The look lasted a couple of centuries, in my humble estimation. Then all of a sudden, you walked away and I lost sight of you. At that moment, the crowds grew larger and my pupils shrunk as your figure disappeared, among pedestrians, among steps lost on the pavement of history from lost love and unfinished walks.

You’re not for this world. I saw in your eyes a world where you live alone, and you saw that in my eyes, too. One look, one collision, no touch, no hand in hand, but eternity will write novels about us with its fingers.

And, we’ll remain like this, without connection, with looks in the passing and sighs for we’ll never have an explanation. Two people, out of touch, because we don’t want our worlds to collide, at least not in this world where coincidence has brought us together. Why allow the intention to separate us? Some accidents remain only that, never random.

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